This vase was produced in MaruTomi, Japan in 1997. The vase is made completely of a beautiful, green resin.

This bowl is glazed ceramic at 11.25 w x 10 d x 1.75 h inches. It features a glazed signature to underside: and debued in Italy. Its value is estimated b/w $2000 - $3000.

This unusual lamp is made of enameled metal and measures 33,5 cm. It was produced in Stilnovo, Italy.

This telephone was manufactured by Enorme, Italy. It features beautiful, bold colors and polymer casing.

This typewriter design made Sottsass Famous. Made in Olivetti, Italy of plastic, it measures a tiny 43,5 cm in width.

This shelf is made of beech, maple, cypress, oak, walnut, elm, palisander, birch, cherry, pearwood, and padouk and measures 45 x 142 x 45 cm.